The Best Air Purifier Worth Buying

I recently got a question. Asking about how they can upgrade their aids faxes them. Even though they weren’t quite ready to remodel or build new yet and someone to talk to you today about controlling your indoor air quality if you’re not quite ready to remodel and change that age faxes them and specific with them and do a quick review for you today on the field controls trio portable in on building in my office here in this trio portable has been great filtration for me in this office space we’ve been using it you know I don’t have a. Track going yet we talk a little about this you know. Air filtration is incredibly important. And in fact Asher a which is American society of heating and cooling refrigeration engineers has recently changed their guidelines on how much filtration we should put in our houses they basically use the say that we should put at least the Merv 10 filtering but they’ve recently said look the research on PM 2.5 that basically really falls really small particles 2.5 microns are smaller.

The research has shown that it’s worse for us than we than we thought for health in the way to get rid of those is really filtration. And so ashtrays were is recommending that we use at least Merv 13 filters in our houses what if you have an older house how do you how do you filter that out and do a good job of keeping that air clean. The trio portable is a great thing to use actually have one of these in my house as well I’ve got a least one kid with asthma and these 2 of us that suffer pretty badly from allergies. And this helps us out greatly we give you a quick tour here. This is gonna satisfy a lot of the requirements of the bigger units but do it in a smaller package this is really not necessarily meant to be a whole house solution. The boy you can really get a lot of the benefits of their larger ones if you are building your modelling I highly recommend you check out the field controls trio units. For your whole house but this is a miniature version of it. we get 2 stages of filtration here this first stage here. Is gonna filter things from 5 microns. And up and it’s got an activated charcoal on the backside and here’s the one that I really like right here the second strange of the smoke filter.

This is a hospital grade have to filter it’s gonna go from 0.3 microns. And so this one is really going to filter out those really small contaminants that also has an activated charcoal on the backside. Very impressive little unit. Now few controls have one other trick up their sleeve with this you know. They have a UV light on the top when this unit’s running you can see it actually on the top of the unit and the UV lights gonna do a couple things for you. it’s gonna kill the viruses mould bacteria that come in contact with that light. And then it’s also got a special plate on the bottom which they call photocatalytic oxidizers.

A fancy word for basically saying that this will also neutralise VOCs in-house if you have painted odours. Chemicals or Solvents when it hits that UV light in that photocatalytic action actually gonna neutralise those as well. We say what that looks like. Couple other stats alike about this unit the filters lasts for a whole year as well as the UV light you can buy a replacement kit to switch those out. This runs at 265 C. F. M. if you’re on high so they say the old you can do actually 1000 square feet with this unit I’m a 2000 square foot house. And this actually has right near my return on my filter in my hallway it does a real nice job I’m giving me some better filtration and.

Furnace filters going to. The other thing I like about this is it’s relatively energy efficient for all that it’s doing only 100 watts on the songs running and relatively affordable. We’re gonna run on the low speed you can hear that. Supposedly it’s running at 48 decibels when it’s on low speed. 68 when it’s on high speed actually at my house a keeper run all night long and high speed you’re gonna get the best smoke air purifier on a high speed and at it has a bit of a. Quiet noise are white noise affected my house for my kids too which are really like but if that affects you just didn’t sleep mode it’s gonna drop that fans be down this is really impressive unit and this is gonna be a light years ahead anything that you’re buying a target the big deal about those small ones that you see is they just don’t have much CFM and of course they’re not doing nearly the filtration this one ‘s doing. This is really doing everything in his Big Brother does except on a much smaller scale thanks to joining me we’ll see you next time

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